Winter Weather


Our recent snowpocalypse allowed me to get out and get a few photos with my X100. Really enjoying the winter weather this year. I'd actually like to get a couple more snow storms in before spring.  



Bostwick 2014 30914.jpg

The Mix

A great weekend at the Mix in Athens Georgia over the weekend. Over thirty different churches attended this year. Casey Darnell and Nick Person did a great job leading in worship.



Each day in Atlanta our nations' finest make their final journey home. Watching Delta Airlines Honor Guard assist the families and pay respect to these service men and women is always emotional. Today the Honor Guard helped two more home for their last time. Made D-Day stand out a little more for me this year. 

Never forget…

Lupus Ride

I had a great ride today with Tyler Finger and some of The Georgia Chain Gang. Tyler was diagnosed with systemic Lupus in 1999. Tyler was hospitalized numerous times while he was growing up. It was always tough watching him deal with the pain and watching his parents worry over him. Lots of prayers have gone up over him over his lifetime. Tyler has not needed medication in over three years and his family is praying that he is healed.  Tyler wanted to do a fund raiser and give back to Lupus Foundation so he planned a 100K bike ride to raise money. It was a pleasure to ride with him today and see how far he has come. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this young man. 


Part of the GA Chain Gang. 

Emanuel Hospice

At the end of February this year I got to travel to Oradea Romania with my dad to visit the Emanuel University. On this trip I was ask to bring some photography equipment and possibly shoot some pictures.

I took some equipment, but I had no idea what I was going to shoot. When I arrived I learned that I would be taking some photos for the Emanuel Hospice. The photographs will be used in a campaign raising money for a new inpatient care center in Oradea. From the moment I met the nurses of the Emanuel Hospice I knew I was in for a special trip. 

"The most eloquent prayer is the prayer through hands that heal and bless. The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrate feet seeking out the lost and the helpless." Franklin Graham

I travelled with them capturing moments as they take special care of patients who are often forgotten. The ability to care for someone and give them the dignity that they deserve in sickness and even in death is a special gift. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to experience these nurses and doctors.

Running Behind

I'm running behind on my blog. I hope to catch up this week. I just spent a week in Honduras on a mission trip. No internet or e-mail for a week! I will try to get my Romania post up and then this trip. I fell in love with another country and meet some of the most wonderful people in the world. More to come...

Honduras 2013 20700.jpg


I am finishing the final edits of my mission trip to Romania a few weeks ago. I was blessed to work with the amazing docotrs and nurses of Emanuel Hospice. My heart was blessed beyond words. 

More to come in the coming days...

"The most eloquent prayer is the prayer through hands that heal and bless. The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless"  Billy Graham

"The most eloquent prayer is the prayer through hands that heal and bless. The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless" 

Billy Graham


Our church is currently making a new directory celebrating our 100th anniversary. My family is scheduled to go in for our "sitting" with the photographer next week. These types of family photographs on the standard grey muslin make me cringe just a little bit each time I see them. I understand why they use them, but it just looks so 1970's. The last one my family was pictured in was taken almost eleven years ago. The photography may not be magic, but it did capture a great moment in time and looked nice in the directory.

Mr Davis Greenway.jpg

I was driving home from work and my dad called and ask if I could do picture for the directory in an elderly members' home. Well, you know you can't tell your dad no, so I agreed. My new friend Mr. Greenwood had just been in the hospital for nine days and was home recovering with hospice care. When I arrived at his apartment he was sitting in a chair by some bookshelves getting dressed. I helped Mr. Greenwood get his dress shirt and blazer on and had to stop a few times to let him catch his breath. I was impressed how much time and effort he placed on what he wore and how he presented himself. We talked for nearly an hour as I prepared to take the photo. After taking his photo on the black background, I asked him if he would mind if I took a portrait of him in his chair by the bookshelves. He really liked the idea. I enjoyed my time meeting Mr. Greenwood and taking his portrait. I look forward to giving him some prints to mail to his family. 

Mr Greenway 17345.jpg
Mrs Marcus Parks.jpg

Just before Christmas I was visiting with one of my senior friends in her nursing home. I asked her if she wanted to be in the directory. She lit up and said she would really like to, but she couldn't leave the nursing home. I asked her if I could stop by and take her picture and she agreed and a date was set. I kept the portrait simple on a black background and tried to keep her wheelchair out of the frame. We took the photograph in her room which didn't allow for a lot of free space. The entire process took only ten minutes. As we sat and talked before I left she told me how happy she was that she was going to be in the directory and that she would be a part of the 100th Anniversary Celebration. 

Wolverine Football

Wolverine Football 2012 10436 copy.jpg

I’m a graduate of PACS and enjoy assisting them with photo needs from time to time. I was asked recently to help with some football photos that would be used on billboards and in some marketing. After seeing what they needed I was excited to help. We decided to shoot late in the evening in order to be able to totally black out the nonessential light. I was shooting four players so I decided to use the Westcott 50 inch for maximum coverage and light control. I placed an AllienBee 1600 in the soft box for the main light. For the second light I used a Nikon SB800 on a small travel light stand. The lights were triggered with Pocket Wizard’s. I used my Nikon D300 for the majority of the shooting, but I decided to try my new Fuji X100 and see how it handled the pocket wizards and the strobes. I have to say that three of my favorite shots of the evening came from the X100. The X100 handled the pocket wizards and the strobes without missing a beat. Due to the darkness during the shoot I used a flashlight to assist with focusing with the Nikon and the X100. There are several websites with real photographers (Zack Arias,FlixelPix)  speaking highly of the X100. From this amateur photographers point of view I’m hooked on this camera (more on the X100 in a later post).

The shoot with the Wolverine players went off without a hitch and the final images are being put together for a billboard and a promotional campaign. I always enjoy being able to help people and institutions that have invested in my life. Can’t wait to shoot some live action on the sidelines this year.

Go Wolverines…..

Wolverine Football 2012 10408 copy.jpg

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend is always looked at as the unofficial start of summer for most Americans. Families and friends make plans for trips to the beach, cookouts, and time with their families. For some families this holiday weekend, there will be an empty seat at their table.

J. Butler 570 copy.jpg

In the summer of 2011, we buried a good friend, James Butler. James was preparing for his next deployment to Afghanistan, and was killed in a tragic accident. In the days after his tragic death, we began to assist his wife and family  prepare for his burial.

The first time I meet James’ father, Jim  Butler, I noticed that his hair was longer in the back and seemed a little out of place for this business man. As we sat and talked curiosity got the best of me and I finally ask him about his hair. He explained that each time James deployed he would not cut his hair in the back until James safely returned home. James’ time home was short so Mr. Butler didn’t cut his hair in preparation for his next deployment. As we sat and talked I could see the pride as  he talked about James and his service to his country. Mr Butler told me that he intended to cut his hair for a final time at James’s burial. I ask Mr. Butler if I could take a portrait of him and he agreed.

As we laid James to rest, it was an honor to assist his family and to capture the men and women whom he served with pay tribute to him.

I had lunch this week with Mr. Butler at our office and it was clear in his eyes that he was still not over the loss of his son. As we talked it struck me that this weekend there will be hundreds of families trying to fill a void with memories of their lost son, daughter, father or spouse.  Take a minute this weekend to think about those men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this great country. Say a prayer for those family members who have have been left to deal with the pain of their loss.

I’m grateful for this country and for the men and women who are seen and unseen, who stand ready to defend her…

God’s speed Jim

Mr. Butler



I’ve been volunteering as a firefighter/EMT for almost twenty-five years. I love serving my community and have been able to use my training in lots of different areas of my life. Lately I’ve been trying to make sure I grab my DSLR as I leave out for a call. I’m really enjoying grabbing pictures of the men and women that I serve with. In the United States 70% of firefighters and first responders are volunteers. I’ve captured some interesting pictures and its sparked a project that I hope to start soon. Until then here are a few recent captures.

Bostwick Firefighter working a vehicle fire. 

Bostwick Firefighter working a vehicle fire. 

BFD  7651.jpg

Great Sunset

Great sunset this evening in Atlanta. One of those days I’m glad I had my camera. I’m looking for a camera (other than my iphone) to carry with me all the time. Until then I try to keep my D300 with me as much as possible.



Air France 

Air France