I am a husband, the father of three boys, and a Believer. I have worked in the public safety field for over twenty years. 

I am a photographer, most would say an amateur photographer, and I would agree. I do photography for the love and challenge of it. Photography inspires me, frustrates me and pushes me. I am especially moved by photos of people and places. It's hard to express in words the way that a picture can make me feel.  

The Great Joe McNally and me. (Photo by Zack Arias)

The Great Joe McNally and me. (Photo by Zack Arias)

I began taking photography seriously in in 2009 with the purchase of my first DSLR. Since then I have labored (sometimes agonized) over trying to learn the art of photography. I have realized that I may master the camera, but capturing perfect images may never happen. 

A turning point in my photography came with the purchase of a one day training class with Zack Arias. The One Light course was an eye opening learning experience that literally changed my life. Words cannot express the gratitude and debt I owe to Meg and Zack for their kindness and willingness to share their knowledge and business sense.

This site is a collection of work from the past several years. If your in the Atlanta area give me a shout. Thank you for stopping by. 

Please feel free to contact me.